Grief and loss are part of all of our lives.

For you, it may mean mourning the death of a loved one, managing loneliness, and learning how to live life again. Without guilt, stuckness, or constant sadness.

For many of us, loss comes in a variety of forms. We experience loss whenever our expectations and the realities of life don't match up.

Examples of common experiences include:

Becoming a parent

Getting married

Ending a relationship

Changing cities or jobs

Living with chronic illness

Watching children grow and change

As much as friends and family love you, they may not always get it. I am passionate about offering people a kind, warm space to process their experiences. I believe grief and healing are a normal part of the life experience that doesn't need a diagnosis slapped on it. I help people learn to recognize loss, understand what it means to them, and adjust to an often unexpected new reality. 

From a place of personal and professional understanding, I partner with adults learning to navigate a new world.



Let me not die while I am still alive.
— Jewish prayer